Movie stills capture a single expressive moment from a motion picture. Usually they are posed on set and not created from a frame of the actual film. Traditionally 8" x 10" in size, through much of motion picture history they were provided to theaters for display and to newspapers and magazines for promotion. Sadly, physical photographs are rarely made for contemporary movies, since most film distributors now only provide images electronically. The most striking vintage movie stills are highly prized by collectors and can fetch several hundreds of dollars apiece at auction.

The Teegarden/Nash Collection contains over 85,000 movie stills, including classic black and white 8x10’s, color slides and transparencies, and some digital images. It is our ambition to have something representative from every notable motion picture, covering as wide a range of genres and movie history as possible. Of course, that is an on-going project. A partial list of titles is included here to suggest what we have, though at this point time and energy do not allow us to make it comprehensive.

Please note that we do not sell movie memorabilia. However, we will make high resolution digital files of our Collection materials available for appropriate books, magazines, newspapers, and webpages. We need to charge a fee for any research time required and for any published images, though a quick estimate can usually be provided of what we have available, free of charge. Also remember that we do not claim copyright for these images and cannot be responsible for any unauthorized use.