Partial list of movie stills
Title Year Genre Director Stars
Absence of Malice 1981 Drama Pollack Newman, Field
Ace in the Hole (Big Carnival) 1951 Drama Wilder Douglas, Sterling
Adam's Rib 1949 Comedy Cukor Tracy, Hepburn
Adventures of Don Juan 1949 Adventure Sherman Flynn, Lindfors
Adventures of Marco Polo 1938 Adventure Mayo Cooper, Rathbone
Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 Adventure Curtiz Flynn, deHavilland
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1954 Adventure Bunuel O'Herlihy
Advise and Consent 1962 Drama Preminger Murray, Laughton
African Queen 1952 Adventure Huston Bogart, Hepburn
After the Fox 1966 Comedy deSica Sellers, Ekland
Aida 1954 Musical Fracassi Loren
Alfie 1966 Drama Gilbert Caine, Winters
Alice in Wonderland 1974 Family Sterling Fullerton, Sellers, Moore
Alien 1979 Sci-Fi Scott Weaver
All About Eve 1950 Drama Mankiewicz Davis, Sanders
All I Desire 1953 Drama Sirk Stanwyck
All That Heaven Allows 1955 Drama Sirk Wyman, Hudson
All That Jazz 1979 Musical Fosse Scheider, Lange
All the President's Men 1976 Drama Pakula Redford, Hoffman
American Gigolo 1980 Drama Schraeder Gere, Hutton
Anchors Aweigh 1945 Musical Sidney Sinatra, Kelly
And God Created Woman 1957 Foreign Vadim Bardot, Jurgens
And Now My Love 1975 Foreign Lelouch Keller
Andromeda Strain 1971 Sci-Fi Wise Hill, Wayne
Andy Warhol's Frankenstein 1974 Horror Morrissey Dallesandro
Angel Face 1953 Film Noir Preminger Simmons, Mitchum
Animal Farm 1955 Drama Halas, Batchelor Animated
Anna & the King of Siam 1946 Drama Cromwell Dunne, Harris
Anna Lucasta 1949 Drama Rapper Goddard
Annie Hall 1977 Comedy Allen Allen, Keaton
Apartment 1960 Drama Wilder Lemmon, Maclaine
Apocalypse Now 1979 Adventure Coppola Sheen, Duvall, Brando
Around the World Under the Sea 1966 Adventure Marton, Browning Bridges, Eaton
Arthur 1981 Comedy Gordon Moore, Minnelli, Gielgud
As In Heaven 1992 Foreign Johannesdottir Vaneck
As You Like It 1936 Comedy Czinner Bergner, Olivier
Ash Wednesday 1973 Drama Peerce Taylor, Fonda
Asphalt Jungle 1950 Film Noir Huston Hayden, Jaffe, Monroe
Awful Truth 1937 Comedy McCarey Grant, Dunne
Babes in Arms 1939 Musical Berkeley Garland, Rooney
Babes on Broadway 1941 Musical Berkeley Garland, Rooney
Baby, the Rain Must Fall 1964 Drama Mulligan McQueen, Remick
Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer 1947 Comedy Reis Grant, Loy, Temple
Bad and the Beautiful 1953 Drama Minnelli Douglas, Turner, Grahame
Ball of Fire 1941 Comedy Hawks Cooper, Stanwyck
Bambi 1942 Family Disney Animated
Band Wagon 1953 Musical Minnelli Astaire, Charisse
Barbarella 1968 Sci-Fi Vadim Fonda, Law
Barkleys of Broadway 1949 Musical Walters Astaire, Rogers
Barry Lyndon 1975 Drama Kubrick O'Neal, Berenson
Batman Returns 1992 Action Burton Keaton, Pfeiffer
Battle Cry 1955 Action Walsh Hunter, Heflin
Becket 1964 Drama Glenville Burton, O'Toole
Bed and Board 1971 Foreign Truffaut Leaud
Beggar's Opera 1953 Musical Brook Olivier, Holloway
Being There 1980 Comedy Ashby Sellers, Maclaine
Bell, Book and Candle 1958 Comedy Quine Stewart, Novak
Ben-Hur 1960 Epic Wyler Heston, Boyd
Best Years of Our Lives 1947 Drama Wyler March, Loy, Wright, Andrews
Beyond the Forest 1949 Drama Vidor Davis, Cotton
Big Heat 1953 Drama Lang Ford, Grahame
Big Sleep 1946 Film Noir Hawks Bogart, Bacall
Bill of Divorcement 1932 Drama Cukor Barrymore, Hepburn
Billy Budd 1962 Drama Ustinov Ustinov, Stamp
Birdy 1985 Drama Parker Modine, Cage
Birth 2004 Drama Glazer Kidman
Bishop's Wife 1948 Comedy Koster Grant, Young, Niven
Black Magic 1949 Drama Ratoff Welles
Black Shield of Falworth 1954 Adventure Mate Curtis, Leigh
Blade Runner 1982 Sci-Fi Scott Ford, Hauer
Blob 1958 Sci-Fi Yeaworth McQueen
Blonde Venus 1932 Drama Von Sternberg Dietrich, Cooper
Blood and Sand 1927 Drama Niblo Valentino
Blood and Sand 1948 Drama Mamoulian Power, Hayworth
Blood Brothers 1978 Drama Mulligan Gere, Sorvino
Blow Up 1967 Drama Antonioni Hemmings, Miles
Blue Dahlia 1946 Film Noir Marshall Ladd, Lake
Blue Lagoon 1980 Adventure Kleiser Shields, Atkins
Blue Max 1966 Adventure Guillermin Peppard, Andress
Bobby Deerfield 1977 Drama Pollack Pacino, Keller
Boccaccio '70 1970 Foreign DeSica, Fellini, Visconti Ekberg, Loren, Schneider
Body Heat 1981 Film Noir Kasdan Hurt, Turner
Bomba on Panther Island 1949 Adventure Beebe Sheffield
Bomba: Lord of the Jungle 1955 Adventure Beebe Sheffield
Bomba: The Lion Hunters 1951 Adventure Beebe Sheffield
Born Yesterday 1951 Comedy Cukor Holliday, Crawford, Holden
Bound for Glory 1976 Drama Ashby Carradine
Bounty 1984 Adventure Donaldson Gibson, Hopkins
Boys in the Band 1970 Gay Theme Friedkin Frey, Nelson, Gorman
Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 Horror Coppola Oldman, Ryder, Reeves, Hopkins
Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961 Comedy Edwards Hepburn, Peppard
Breaking Away 1979 Drama Yates Christopher, Quaid
Breathless 1983 Drama McBride Gere
Bride Wore Black 1968 Foreign Truffaut Moreau, Brialy
Bridge On the River Kwai 1958 Epic Lean Guinness, Holden
Brighter Summer Day 1991 Foreign Yang Chang, Yang
Bringing Up Baby 1938 Comedy Hawks Grant, Hepburn
Brother Sun, Sister Moon 1973 Drama Zeffirelli Faulkner
Bunny Lake Is Missing 1965 Drama Preminger Olivier, Lynley
Bus Stop 1956 Comedy Logan Monroe, Murray
Butterfield 8 1960 Drama Mann Taylor, Harvey
Cabaret 1972 Musical Fosse Minnelli, York, Grey
Cactus Flower 1969 Comedy Saks Bergman, Matthau, Hawn
Caesar and Cleopatra 1946 Drama Pascal Rains, Leigh
Camelot 1968 Musical Logan Harris, Redgrave
Camille 1936 Drama Cukor Garbo, Taylor
Can-Can 1960 Musical Lang Sinatra, Maclaine
Captains Courageous 1937 Adventure Fleming Tracy, Bartholomew
Carousel 1956 Musical King MacRae, Jones
Carrie 1976 Horror De Palma Spacek, Laurie
Casablanca 1942 Drama Curtiz Bogart, Bergman
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958 Drama Brooks Taylor, Newman
Cat People 1942 Horror Tourneur Simon, Smith
Charade 1963 Suspense Donen Grant, Hepburn
Chariots of Fire 1981 Drama Hudson Cross, Charleson
Children's Hour 1962 Gay Theme Wyler Hepburn, Maclaine
China Syndrome 1979 Drama Bridges Fonda, Lemmon
Chinese Ghost Story 2 1990 Foreign Ching Cheung
Chinese Ghost Story 3 1991 Foreign Ching Leung
Cinderella 1950 Family Disney Animated
Cinderella Liberty 1974 Drama Rydell Caan, Mason
Citizen Kane 1940 Drama Welles Welles, Cotten
Cleopatra 1934 Epic DeMille Colbert, Wilcoxon
Cleopatra 1963 Epic Mankiewicz Taylor, Burton, Harrison
Clock 1945 Drama Minnelli Garland, Walker
Clockwork Orange 1972 Sci-Fi Kubrick McDowell
Come and Get It 1936 Drama Hawks, Wyler Arnold, Farmer, McCrea, Brennan
Coming Home 1978 Drama Ashby Fonda, Voight
Compulsion 1959 Suspense Fleischer Stockwell, Dillman
Conqueror 1956 Epic Powell Wayne, Hayward
Cool Hand Luke 1967 Drama Rosenberg Newman
Corn Is Green 1945 Drama Rapper Davis, Dall
Corvette Summer 1978 Comedy Robbins Hamill
Country Girl 1954 Drama Seaton Crosby, Kelly, Holden
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954 Horror Arnold Carlson, Adams
Damn Yankees 1958 Musical Abbott, Donen Hunter, Verdon
Darby’s Rangers 1958 Action Wellman Garner
Dark Passage 1947 Film Noir Daves Bogart, Bacall
Darling Lili 1970 Comedy Edwards Andrews, Hudson
Day of the Locust 1975 Drama Schlesinger Sutherland, Black
Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 Sci-Fi Wise Rennie, Neal
Death in Venice 1971 Drama Visconti Bogarde
Deception 1946 Film Noir Rapper Davis, Rains, Henreid
Deer Hunter 1978 Action Cimino DeNiro, Cazale, Savage, Streep
Demon Seed 1977 Sci-Fi Cammell Christie
Desperately Seeking Susan 1985 Comedy Seidelman Arquette, Madonna
Destry Rides Again 1939 Western Marshall Stewart, Dietrich
Detective Story 1951 Drama Wyler Douglas, Parker
Devils 1971 Drama Russell Redgrave, Reed
Diabolique 1954 Foreign Clouzot Signoret, Clouzot
Dial M for Murder 1954 Suspense Hitchcock Milland, Kelly
Divorce Italian Style 1961 Foreign Germi Mastroianni, Sandrelli
Doctor Faustus 1968 Drama Burton, Coghill Burton, Teuber
Doctor Zhivago 1965 Epic Lean Sharif, Christie, Steiger
Dolce Vita, La 1961 Foreign Fellini Mastroianni, Ekberg
Don't Look Now 1974 Suspense Roeg Sutherland, Christie
Double Indemnity 1944 Film Noir Wilder MacMurray, Stanwyck, Robinson
Downhill Racer 1965 Drama Ritchie Redford, Hackman
Dr. Strangelove 1964 Comedy Kubrick Sellers, Scott, Pickens, Hayden
Dracula 1979 Horror Badham Langella, Olivier
Dragonslayer 1981 Family Robbins MacNichol, Richardson
Duel of the Titans 1963 Foreign Corbucci Reeves, Scott
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial 1982 Family Spielberg Wallace, Thomas
East of Eden 1955 Drama Kazan Dean, Harris, Massey
Easter Parade 1948 Musical Walters Astaire, Garland
Eight 1/2 1963 Foreign Fellini Mastroianni
El Cid 1961 Epic Mann Heston, Loren
Empire Strikes Back 1981 Sci-Fi Kershner Hamill, Ford, Fisher
Equus 1977 Drama Lumet Burton, Firth
Exodus 1961 Drama Preminger Newman, Saint
Fahrenheit 451 1967 Sci-Fi Truffaut Werner, Christie
Fall of the Roman Empire 1964 Epic Mann Guinness, Loren, Boyd
Fantasia 1940 Family Disney Animated
Far From the Madding Crowd 1967 Drama Schlesinger Christie, Finch, Bates, Stamp
Father of the Bride 1950 Comedy Minnelli Tracy, Taylor
Figures in a Landscape 1971 Drama Losey Shaw, McDowell
Five Easy Pieces 1970 Drama Rafelson Nicholson, Black
Flight From Ashiya 1964 Drama Anderson Brynner, Widmark, Chakiris
For Me and My Gal 1942 Musical Berkeley Kelly, Garland
Forbidden Planet 1956 Sci-Fi Wilcox Pidgeon, Francis
Forty Carats 1973 Comedy Katselas Ullmann, Albert, Kelly
Forty-Ninth Parallel (Invaders) 1941 Suspense Powell Olivier, Walbrook, Howard
Four Musketeers 1975 Adventure Lester York, Reed, Chamberlin
Foutainhead 1949 Drama Vidor Cooper, Neal, Massey
Framed 1947 Film Noir Wallce Ford, Sullivan
French Lieutenant's Woman 1981 Drama Reisz Irons, Streep
Freud: The Secret Passion 1963 Drama Huston Clift, York
From Here to Eternity 1953 Drama Zinneman Lancaster, Kerr, Sinatra, Reed
Funny Face 1957 Musical Donen Astaire, Hepburn
Funny Girl 1968 Musical Wyler Streisand, Sharif
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1966 Musical Lester Mostel, Silvers
Garden of Allah 1936 Drama Boleslawski Dietrich, Boyer
Gaslight 1944 Drama Cukor Boyer, Bergman
Gentleman Jim 1942 Drama Walsh Flynn, Smith
Ghostbusters 1984 Comedy Reitman Murray, Aykroyd
Giant 1956 Drama Stevens Taylor, Hudson, Dean
Gigi 1958 Musical Minnelli Caron, Jourdan, Chevalier
Gilda 1946 Film Noir Vidor Hayworth, Ford
Girl He Left Behind 1956 Drama Butler Hunter, Wood
Go West, Young Man 1936 Drama Hathaway West, Scott
Go-Between 1971 Drama Losey Bates, Christie
Gold Rush 1925 Comedy Chaplin Chaplin
Gone with the Wind 1940 Drama Fleming Gable, Leigh, de Havilland, Howard
Goodbye Columbus 1969 Comedy Peerce Benjamin, McGraw
Goodbye Mr. Chips 1939 Drama Wood Donat, Garson
Goodbye Mr. Chips 1970 Musical Ross O'Toole, Clark
Grease 1978 Musical Kleiser Travolta, Newton-John
Great Dictator 1940 Comedy Chaplin Chaplin, Goddard
Great Lie 1941 Drama Goulding Davis, Astor, Brent
Great Race 1965 Drama Edwards Lemmon, Curtis, Wood
Greatest Show on Earth 1952 Drama DeMille Heston, Hutton, Wilde, Stewart
Green Mansions 1959 Adventure Ferrer Hepburn, Perkins
Greystoke 1984 Adventure Hudson Lambert, MacDowell
Guys and Dolls 1955 Musical Mankiewicz Sinatra, Brando, Simmons
Gypsy 1962 Musical Le Roy Russell, Wood, Malden
Hamlet 1948 Drama Olivier Olivier, Simmons
Haunting 1963 Horror Wise Harris, Bloom, Tamblyn
Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 1968 Drama Miller Arkin, Locke
Heaven Can Wait 1943 Comedy Lubitsch Ameche, Tierney
Hell in the Pacific 1969 Action Boorman Marvin, Mifune
Hello, Dolly! 1969 Musical Kelly Streisand, Matthau, Armstrong
Hell's Angels 1930 Adventure Hughes Lyon, Harlow
Henry V 1944 Drama Olivier Olivier
High Noon 1952 Western Zinneman Cooper, Kelly
High Society 1956 Musical Walters Crosby, Sinatra, Kelly
Hobson's Choice 1953 Comedy Lean Laughton, Mills
Hold Your Man 1933 Drama Wood Gable, Harlow
Holiday 1938 Comedy Cukor Hepburn, Grant
Holiday Inn 1942 Musical Sandrich Crosby, Astaire
Homicidal 1961 Horror Castle Arless
Hotel 1967 Drama Quine Taylor, Spaak, Malden
Hotel New Hampshire 1984 Comedy Richardson Lowe, Foster
House of Wax 1953 Horror de Toth Price
How Green Was My Valley 1941 Drama Ford Pidgeon, O'Hara, McDowall
Hud 1963 Drama Ritt Newman, Neal, Douglas
Humoresque 1946 Drama Negulesco Crawford, Garfield
I Confess 1953 Drama Hitchcock Clift, Baxter
I Could Go On Singing 1963 Drama Neame Garland, Bogarde
I Remember Mama 1948 Drama Stevens Dunne, Bel Geddes
I Was a Teenage Werewolf 1957 Horror "Fowler, Jr" Landon
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium 1969 Comedy Stuart Pleshette, McShane
In a Lonely Place 1950 Film Noir Ray Bogart, Grahame
In the Good Old Summertime 1949 Musical Leonard Garland, Johnson
Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 Sci-Fi Arnold Williams, Kent
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom 1984 Adventure Spielberg Ford, Capshaw
Indiscretion of an American Wife 1954 Drama de Sica Jones, Clift
Innocents 1962 Horror Clayton Kerr, Franklin
Interiors 1978 Drama Allen Keaton, Stapleton
Intermezzo 1939 Drama Ratoff Howard, Bergman
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 Sci-Fi Siegel McCarthy, Wynter
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978 Sci-Fi Kaufman Sutherland, Adams
Invisible Stripes 1939 Drama Bacon Raft, Bogart, Holden
Invitation to the Dance 1956 Musical Kelly Kelly
Island of Dr. Moreau 1977 Horror Taylor Lancaster, York
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 1963 Comedy Kramer Tracy, Berle, Hackett, Merman
It's a Wonderful Life 1946 Comedy Capra Stewart, Reed
Ivanhoe 1952 Adventure Thorpe Taylor, Fontaine, Taylor
Jane Eyre 1944 Drama Stevenson Fontaine, Welles
Jaws 1975 Horror Speilberg Scheider, Dreyfuss, Shaw
Jezebel 1938 Drama Wyler Davis, Fonda
Joseph Andrews 1977 Comedy Richardson Firth, Ann-Margret
Juke Girl 1942 Drama Bernhardt Sheridan, Reagan
Julia 1977 Drama Zinneman Fonda, Redgrave
Juliet of the Spirits 1965 Foreign Fellini Masina
Julius Caesar 1953 Drama Mankiewicz Brando, Mason
Karate Kid 1984 Drama Avidsen Macchio, Morita
Key Largo 1948 Film Noir Huston Bogart, Bacall, Robinson
Killers 1964 Film Noir Siegel Cassavetes, Marvin
King and I 1956 Musical Lang Kerr, Brynner
King Kong 1933 Adventure Cooper Wray, Armstrong
King of Hearts 1967 Foreign de Broca Bates, Bujold
King of the Gypsies 1978 Drama Pierson Roberts, Sarandon, Shields
King Richard and the Crusaders 1954 Adventure Butler Harrison, Mayo
King Solomon's Mines 1950 Adventure Bennett Granger, Kerr
Kings of the Sun 1964 Adventure Lee-Thompson Brynner, Chakiris
King's Row 1941 Drama Wood Reagan, Sheridan, Cummings
Kiss Me Kate 1953 Musical Sidney Keel, Grayson, Miller
Klute 1971 Drama Pakula Fonda, Sutherland
Kramer vs. Kramer 1979 Drama Benton Hoffman, Streep
Lady and the Tramp 1955 Family Disney Animated
Lady Eve 1941 Comedy Sturges Stanwyck, Fonda
Lady from Shanghai 1947 Drama Welles Welles, Hayworth
Last of Sheila 1973 Drama Ross Coburn, Mason, Cannon, Welch
Last Picture Show 1971 Drama Bogdanovich Bottoms, Bridges, Leachman, Johnson
Last Year at Marienbad 1962 Foreign Resnais Seyrig, Albertazzi
Laura 1944 Film Noir Preminger Tierney, Andrews, Webb
Lavender Hill Mob 1951 Comedy Crichton Guinness, Holloway
Lawrence of Arabia 1962 Epic Lean O'Toole, Sharif, Guinness, Quinn
Leave Her to Heaven 1945 Film Noir Stahl Tierney, Wilde, Crain
Legend of Hell House 1973 Horror Hough Franklin, McDowall
Letter 1940 Drama Wyler Davis, Marshall
Letter from an Unknown Woman 1948 Drama Ophuls Fontaine, Jourdan
Letter to Three Wives 1949 Drama Mankiewicz Sothern, Darnell, Douglas
Lifeboat 1943 Suspense Hitchcock Bankhead, Slezak
Lilies of the Field 1963 Drama Nelson Poitier
Limelight 1952 Comedy Chaplin Chaplin, Bloom, Keaton
Lion in Winter 1968 Drama Harvey Hepburn, O'Toole, Hopkins
Little Big Man 1971 Western Penn Hoffman, Dunaway
Little Drummer Girl 1984 Drama Hill Keaton
Little Foxes 1941 Drama Wyler Davis, Marshall, Wright
Little Romance 1979 Comedy Hill Olivier, Lane
Little Women 1933 Drama Cukor Hepburn, Bennett
Lola Montes (Sins of Lola Montes) 1959 Foreign Ophuls Carol, Ustinov, Walbrook
Lolita 1962 Drama Kubrick Mason, Winters, Lyon, Sellers
Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner 1962 Drama Richardson Courtenay, Redgrave
Lonely Lady 1983 Drama Sasdy Zadora
Long Day's Journey Into Night 1962 Drama Lumet Hepburn, Richardson, Robards, Stockwell
Looking for Mr. Goodbar 1977 Suspense Brooks Keaton, Atherton, Gere
Lord Jim 1965 Adventure Brooks O'Toole
Lord of the Flies 1963 Adventure Brook Aubrey, Chapin
Lord of the Rings 1978 Epic Bakshi Animated
Lost Horizon 1937 Adventure Capra Colman, Wyatt
Love and Death 1975 Comedy Allen Allen, Keaton
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 1955 Drama King Jones, Holden
Lucky Lady 1975 Comedy Donen Minnelli, Hackman, Reynolds
Ludwig 1973 Drama Visconti Berger, Schneider
Luna 1979 Drama Bertolucci Clayburgh, Barry
M 1951 Suspense Losey Wayne
M*A*S*H 1970 Comedy Altman Sutherland, Gould, Kellerman
Mad Max 1979 Action Miller Gibson
Magic Sword 1961 Adventure Gordon Lockwood, Winwood, Rathbone
Magnificent Ambersons 1942 Drama Welles Cotten, Moorehead, Holt
Magnificent Obsession 1954 Drama Sirk Wyman, Hudson
Man for All Seasons 1967 Drama Zinneman Scofield, Hiller, York
Man from Laramie 1955 Western Mann Stewart
Man Who Knew Too Much 1956 Suspense Hitchcock Stewart, Day
Man with Bogart's Face 1980 Comedy Day Sacchi, Rowe
Man With the Golden Arm 1956 Drama Preminger Sinatra, Kovak
Manchurian Candidate 1962 Suspense Frankenheimer Sinatra, Harvey, Leigh, Lansbury
Manhattan 1979 Comedy Allen Allen, Keaton, Hemingway, Streep
Marked Woman 1937 Drama Bacon Davis, Bogart
Marnie 1964 Suspense Hitchcock Hedren, Connery
Marooned 1969 Sci-Fi Sturges Peck, Crenna
Marriage Italian Style 1964 Foreign DeSica Loren, Mastroianni
Mary of Scotland 1936 Drama Ford Hepburn, March
Mary Poppins 1964 Family Stevenson Andrews, Van Dyke
Masque of the Red Death 1964 Horror Corman Price
Mata Hari 1932 Drama Fitzmaurice Garbo, Novarro
McCabe and Mrs. Miller 1971 Western Altman Beatty, Christie
Mean Streets 1973 Drama Scorsese De Niro, Keitel
Meet John Doe 1941 Drama Capra Cooper, Stanwyck
Meet Me In St. Louis 1944 Musical Minnelli Garland, O'Brien
Melody 1971 Comedy Hussein Wild, Lester, Hyde
Men 1950 Drama Zinneman Brando, Wright
Mephisto Waltz 1971 Horror Wendkos Alda, Bissett, Parkins
Mermaids 1990 Drama Benjamin Cher, Hoskins, Ryder
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 1983 Drama Oshima Bowie
Midnight Cowboy 1969 Drama Schlesinger Voight, Hoffman, Miles
Midnight Express 1978 Drama Parker Davis, Quaid
Mildred Pierce 1945 Film Noir Curtiz Crawford, Blyth, Arden
Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1943 Comedy Sturges Hutton, Bracken, Demarest
Misfits 1961 Drama Huston Monroe, Gable, Clift
Modern Times 1936 Comedy Chaplin Chaplin, Goddard
Mommie Dearest 1981 Drama Perry Dunaway
Monkey Business 1952 Comedy Hawks Grant, Rogers
Morgan! 1966 Comedy Reisz Redgrave, Warner
Moulin Rouge 1953 Drama Huston Ferrer, Gabor
Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House 1948 Comedy Potter Grant, Loy
Mr. Skeffington 1944 Drama Sherman Davis, Rains
Music Lovers 1971 Drama Russell Chamberlain, Jackson
Mutiny on the Bounty 1963 Adventure Milestone Brando, Howard
My Fair Lady 1962 Musical Cukor Hepburn, Harrison
Naked Spur 1953 Western Mann Stewart, Ryan, Leigh
Narrow Margin 1951 Film Noir Fleischer McGraw, Windsor
Nashville 1975 Drama Altman Chaplin, Carradine, Tomlin, Duvall
National Velvet 1944 Family Brown Taylor, Rooney
Network 1976 Drama Lumet Finch, Holden, Dunaway
Nevada Smith 1966 Western Hathaway McQueen
Neverending Story 1984 Family Peterson Hathaway, Oliver
New Land 1973 Foreign Troell Von Sydow, Ullmann
New York, New York 1977 Musical Scorsese Minnelli, De Niro
Night at the Opera 1935 Comedy Wood Marx Brothers
Night in Casablanca 1946 Comedy Mayo Marx Brothers
Nijinsky 1980 Drama Ross Bates, De La Pena
Nine to Five 1980 Comedy Higgins Fonda, Parton, Tomlin
Ninety-Nine River Street 1953 Film Noir Karlson Payne, Keyes
Ninotchka 1939 Comedy Lubitsch Garbo, Douglas
Norma Rae 1978 Drama Ritt Field, Bridges
North by Northwest 1959 Suspense Hitchcock Grant, Saint, Mason
Nosferatu the Vampyre 1979 Horror Herzog Kinski, Adjani, Ganz
Not of This Earth 1957 Sci-Fi Corman Birch, Garland
Notorious 1946 Suspense Hitchcock Grant, Bergman, Rains
Now Voyager 1942 Drama Rapper Davis, Rains, Henreid
Nun's Story 1959 Drama Zinneman Hepburn, Finch
Odd Couple 1968 Comedy Saks Lemmon, Matthau
Of Human Bondage 1934 Drama Cromwell Davis, Howard
Of Human Bondage 1964 Drama Hathaway Harvey, Novak
Offence 1973 Drama Lumet Connery, Howard
Oklahoma Crude 1973 Drama Kramer Dunaway, Scott
Oklahoma! 1956 Musical Zinneman MacRae, Jones, Steiger
Oliver! 1968 Musical Reed Moody, Lester, Wallis, Reed
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 1970 Musical Minnelli Streisand, Montand
On Dangerous Ground 1951 Film Noir Ray Ryan, Lupino
On Golden Pond 1981 Drama Rydell Fonda, Hepburn, Fonda
On the Waterfront 1954 Drama Kazan Brando, Saint, Cobb, Steiger
Once Upon a Time in America 1984 Drama Leone De Niro, Woods
One from the Heart 1982 Musical Coppola Forrest, Garr, Kinski
One Hundred and One Dalmatians 1961 Family Disney Animated
One on One 1977 Drama Johnson Benson, O'Toole
Only Angels Have Wings 1939 Adventure Hawks Grant, Arthur, Hayworth
Ordinary People 1980 Drama Redford Moore, Sutherland, Hutton
Othello 1966 Drama Burge Olivier, Finlay, Redman
Other 1972 Horror Mulligan Hagen, Muldaur
Our Man Flint 1965 Action Mann Coburn, Cobb
Our Man in Havana 1960 Comedy Reed Guinness, O'Hara
Outland 1981 Sci-Fi Hyams Connery, Boyle
Outlaw 1943 Western Hughes Russell
Outsiders 1983 Drama Coppola Dillon, Macchio, Lowe
Oxford Blues 1984 Drama Boris Lowe, Sheedy
Pajama Party 1964 Comedy Weis Kirk, Funicello
Palm Beach Story 1942 Comedy Sturges Colbert, McCrea, Vallee, Astor
Paper Chase 1973 Drama Bridges Bottoms, Wagner, Houseman
Parallax View 1974 Suspense Pakula Beatty, Prentiss
Passage to India 1984 Drama Lean Davis, Guinness, Ashcroft
Passage to Marseille 1944 Adventure Curtiz Bogart, Morgan, Rains
Passenger 1975 Drama Antonioni Nicholson, Schneider
Passion of Anna 1970 Foreign Bergman Ullman, von Sydow
Pat and Mike 1952 Comedy Cukor Tracy, Hepburn
Paths of Glory 1958 Drama Kubrick Douglas, Menjou, Macready
Patton 1970 Drama Schaffner Scott, Malden
Pennies from Heaven 1981 Musical Ross Martin, Peters
Period of Adjustment 1962 Comedy Hill Franciosa, Fonda, Hutton
Personal Best 1981 Drama Towne Hemingway, Glenn
Peter Pan 1953 Family Disney Animated
Petulia 1968 Drama Lester Christie, Scott, Chamberlain
Peyton Place 1958 Drama Robson Turner, Lange
Philadelphia Story 1940 Comedy Cukor Hepburn, Grant, Stewart
Picnic 1956 Drama Logan Holden, Novak
Pillow Talk 1959 Comedy Gordon Hudson, Day
Pinocchio 1940 Family Disney Animated
Pirate 1948 Musical Minnelli Garland, Kelly
Pirates of Penzance 1981 Musical Leach Kline, Smith, Lansbury
Pitfall 1948 Film Noir de Toth Powell, Scott
Place in the Sun 1951 Drama Stevens Taylor, Clift, Winters
Places in the Heart 1984 Drama Benton Field, Harris
Play Misty for Me 1971 Suspense Eastwood Eastwood, Walter
Plenty 1985 Drama Schepisi Streep, Dance
Poltergeist 1982 Horror Hooper Williams, Nelson
Pope of Greenwich Village 1984 Drama Rosenberg Roberts, Rourke, Hannah, Page
Portrait of Jenny 1949 Drama Dieterle Jones, Cotten
Postman Always Rings Twice 1981 Film Noir Garnett Turner, Garfield
Pretty Baby 1978 Drama Malle Carradine, Sarandon, Shields
Pride and Prejudice 1940 Comedy Leonard Olivier, Garson
Prince and the Showgirl 1957 Comedy Olivier Olivier, Monroe
Prince of the City 1981 Drama Lumet Williams, Orbach
Prisoner of Zenda 1952 Adventure Thorpe Granger, Mason
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939 Drama Curtiz Davis, Flynn, de Havilland
Producers 1967 Comedy Brooks Mostel, Wilder
Psycho 1960 Suspense Hitchcock Perkins, Leigh, Gavin, Miles
Pumpkin Eater 1964 Drama Clayton Bancroft, Finch
Quest for Fire 1981 Adventure Annaud McGill, Perlman
Quo Vadis 1951 Epic LeRoy Taylor, Kerr, Ustinov
Racket Busters 1938 Drama Bacon Brent, Bogart
Raging Bull 1980 Drama Scorsese De Niro, Moriarty, Pesci
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Adventure Spielberg Ford, Allen
Rain 1932 Drama Milestone Crawford, Huston
Rainmaker 1956 Drama Anthony Hepburn, Lancaster
Raintree County 1957 Drama Dmytryk Clift, Taylor
Ranger and the Lady 1940 Western Kane Rogers
Rear Window 1954 Suspense Hitchcock Stewart, Kelly, Burr
Rebecca 1940 Drama Hitchcock Olivier, Fontaine, Sanders, Anderson
Rebel Without a Cause 1955 Drama Ray Dean, Wood, Mineo
Red Pony 1949 Family Milestone Loy, Mitchum
Red River 1948 Western Hawks Wayne, Clift
Reds 1981 Drama Beatty Beatty, Keaton, Nicholson
Reflections in a Golden Eye 1967 Drama Huston Taylor, Brando, Harris
Rembrandt 1999 Foreign Matton Brandauer
Remember the Titans 2003 Drama Yakin Washington, Patton, Pardue
Return of the Jedi 1983 Sci-Fi Marquand Hamill, Ford, Fisher
Return to Treasure Island 1954 Adventure Dupont Hunter, Addams, Hall
Rich and Famous 1981 Drama Cukor Bergen, Bisset
Richard III 1956 Drama Olivier Olivier, Bloom, Richardson
Right Stuff 1983 Drama Kaufman Shepard, Glenn, Harris, Quaid
Risky Business 1983 Comedy Brickman Cruise, de Mornay
Road To Perdition 2002 Drama Mendes Hanks, Newman
Road Warrior 1982 Action Miller Gibson
Roaring Twenties 1939 Drama Walsh Cagney, Bogart
Robe 1953 Epic Koster Burton, Simmons
Robin and Marian 1975 Adventure Lester Connery, Hepburn
Rocky 1977 Drama Avildsen Stallone, Shire, Meredith
Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Musical Sharman Curry, Sarandon
Roman Holiday 1952 Comedy Wyler Hepburn, Peck
Romeo and Juliet 1968 Drama Zeffirelli Whiting, Hussey
Romeo and Juliet (Ballet) 1966 Musical Czinner Nureyev, Fonteyn
Room at the Top 1959 Drama Clayton Harvey, Signoret
Rope 1948 Suspense Hitchcock Stewart, Dall, Granger
Rose 1979 Drama Rydell Midler, Bates
Rosemary's Baby 1968 Horror Polanski Farrow, Cassavetes, Gordon
Ruling Class 1972 Comedy Medak O'Toole
Rumble Fish 1983 Drama Coppola Dillon, Rourke, Lane
Run Wild, Run Free 1969 Drama Sarafian Mills, Lester
Running Brave 1983 Drama Everett Benson
Ryan's Daughter 1970 Drama Lean Miles, Mitchum, Mills
S.O.B. 1981 Comedy Edwards Andrews, Preston, Holden
Sabrina 1954 Comedy Wilder Hepburn, Bogart, Holden
San Francisco 1936 Drama Van Dyke Gable, Spencer, MacDonald
Savage Messiah 1972 Drama Russell Tutin, Anthony, Mirren
Sayonara 1957 Drama Logan Brando, Umeki, Buttons
Scaramouche 1952 Adventure Sidney Granger, Ferrer, Parker
Scarface 1983 Action De Palma Pacino, Pfeiffer
Scarlet Empress 1934 Drama Von Sternberg Dietrich, Lodge, Jaffe
Searchers 1956 Western Ford Wayne, Hunter, Wood
Seconds 1966 Suspense Frankenheimer Hudson
Secret Admirer 1985 Comedy Greenwalt Howell, Preston
Seduction of Joe Tynan 1979 Drama Schatzberg Alda, Harris, Streep
Separate Peace 1972 Drama Peerce Heyl, Stevenson
Sergeant York 1949 Drama Hawks Cooper, Leslie
Serpent's Egg 1977 Drama Bergman Carradine, Ullmann
Servant 1964 Drama Losey Bogarde, Fox, Miles
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954 Musical Donen Keel, Powell
Seven Faces of Dr. Lao 1964 Family Pal Randall, Eden
Seven Percent Solution 1976 Drama Ross Williamson, Duvall, Arkin
Seven Year Itch 1955 Comedy Wilder Monroe, Ewell
Severed Head 1971 Drama Clement Remick, Attenborough
Shadow of a Doubt 1943 Suspense Hitchcock Cotten, Wright
Shall We Dance 1937 Musical Sandrich Astaire, Rogers
Shampoo 1975 Comedy Ashby Beatty, Christie, Hawn
Sheik 1921 Adventure Melford Valentino, Ayres
Shot in the Dark 1964 Comedy Edwards Sellers, Sommer
Showboat 1951 Musical Sidney Grayson, Keel, Gardner
Siddhartha 1973 Drama Rooks Kapoor
Side Street 1949 Film Noir Mann Granger, O'Donnell
Silk Stockings 1957 Musical Mamoulian Astaire, Charisse, Paige
Silkwood 1983 Drama Nichols Streep, Cher, Russell
Singin' in the Rain 1952 Musical "Kelly, Donen" Kelly, Reynolds, O'Connor
Sisters 1938 Drama Litvak "Davis, Flynn
Sleeping Beauty 1959 Family Disney Animated
Slender Thread 1960 Suspense Pollack Bancroft, Poitier
Sleuth 1972 Suspense Mankiewicz Olivier, Caine
Snake Pit 1949 Drama Litvak de Havilland
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 Family Disney Animated
So Long at the Fair 1950 Drama Fisher Simmons, Bogarde
Soldier of Orange 1978 Foreign Verhoeven Hauer, Krabbe
Some Like It Hot 1959 Comedy Wilder Monroe, Lemmon, Curtis
Sound of Music 1965 Musical Wise Andrews, Plummer
Sounder 1972 Drama Ritt Winfield, Tyson
South Pacific 1959 Musical Logan Gaynor, Brazzi, Kerr
Spartacus 1960 Epic Kubrick Douglas, Olivier, Curtis, Simmons
Spellbound 1945 Suspense Hitchcock Bergman, Peck
Splash 1984 Comedy Howard Hanks, Hannah
Splendor in the Grass 1961 Drama Kazan Wood, Beatty
Stage Door 1937 Comedy La Cava Hepburn, Rogers, Menjou, Ball, Arden
Star 80 1982 Drama Fosse Hemingway, Roberts
Star Is Born 1954 Musical Cukor Garland, Mason
Star Is Born 1977 Musical Pierson Streisand, Kristofferson
Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan 1982 Sci-Fi Meyer Shatner, Nimoy
Star Trek III: the Search for Spock 1984 Sci-Fi Nimoy Shatner, Nimoy
Star Wars 1977 Sci-Fi Lucas Hamill, Ford, Fisher
Star! 1968 Musical Wise Andrews, Crenna, Massey
Stardust Memories 1980 Drama Allen Allen, Rampling
Starman 1984 Sci-Fi Carpenter Bridges, Allen
Start the Revolution Without Me 1970 Comedy Yorkin Sutherland, Wilder
Starting Over 1979 Comedy Pakula Reynolds, Clayburgh, Bergen
Stella Dallas 1937 Drama Vidor Stanwyck
Stolen Kisses 1969 Foreign Truffaut Leaud, Seyrig
Story of Vernon and Irene Castle 1939 Musical Potter Astaire, Rogers
Strada, La 1957 Foreign Fellini Masina, Quinn, Basehart
Strait-Jacket 1964 Horror Castle Crawford, Blake
Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946 Film Noir Milestone Stanwyck, Heflin, Douglas
Stranger 1946 Suspense Welles Robinson, Welles, Young
Strangers on a Train 1951 Suspense Hitchcock Granger, Walker
Strawberry Statement 1970 Drama Hagmann Davison, Darby
Streetcar Named Desire 1951 Drama Kazan Leigh, Brando, Hunter
Stromboli 1950 Foreign Rossellini Bergman, Vitale
Stroszek 1977 Foreign Herzog Bruno S., Mattes
Sudden Fear 1952 Film Noir Miller Crawford, Palance
Sullivan's Travels 1941 Comedy Sturges McCrea, Lake
Summer Place 1959 Drama Daves Dee, Donhue, Egan, McGuire
Summertime Killer 1973 Action Isasi-Isasmendi Mitchum, Malden, Hussey
Sundays and Cybele 1962 Foreign Bourgignon Kruger, Courcel
Sundowners 1950 Drama Zinneman Mitchum, Kerr, Ustinov
Sunset Boulevard 1950 Drama Wilder Swanson, Holden, Stroheim
Superman 1978 Action Donner Reeve, Brando, Kidder
Superman II 1981 Action Lester Reeve, Hackman, Kidder
Suspicion 1941 Suspense Hitchcock Fontaine, Grant, Bruce
Swan 1956 Drama Vidor Kelly, Guinness, Jourdan
Swing Time 1936 Musical Stevens Astaire, Rogers
Sylvia Scarlett 1935 Drama Cukor Hepburn, Grant, Aherne
Take the Money and Run 1969 Comedy Allen Allen, Margolin
Talk of the Town 1942 Drama Stevens Arthur, Grant, Colman
Tall Story 1960 Comedy Logan Perkins, Fonda
Taming of the Shrew 1967 Comedy Zeffirelli Burton, Taylor
Tarzan the Ape Man 1981 Adventure Derek Derek, O'Keefe
Tarzan's Hidden Jungle 1955 Adventure Schuster Scott
Taxi Driver 1976 Drama Scorsese De Niro, Foster, Shepherd
Tea and Sympathy 1956 Gay Theme Minnelli Kerr, Kerr, Erickson
Tempest 1982 Drama Mazursky Cassavetes, Rolands, Sarandon, Ringwald
Ten Commandments 1956 Epic DeMille Heston, Brynner
Tender Mercies 1983 Drama Beresford Duvall, Harper
Terms of Endearment 1983 Drama Brooks Maclaine, Nicholson, Winger
Terra Cotta Warrior 1990 Foreign Ching Zhang, Gong
Tess 1979 Drama Polanski Kinski, Firth
Tex 1982 Drama Hunter Dillon, Tilly
That Hamilton Woman 1941 Drama Korda Olivier, Leigh
That's Dancing 1985 Musical Haley Kelly, Baryshnikov, Minnelli
That's Entertainment 1975 Musical Haley Astaire, Crosby, Kelly, Rooney, Sinatra
Them 1954 Sci-Fi Douglas "Gwenn, Whitmore
There's Always Tomorrow 1956 Drama Sirk "Stanwyck, MacMurray, Bennett
They Died with Their Boots On 1941 Western Walsh Flynn, de Havilland
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? 1970 Drama Pollack Fonda, Sarrazin, Young, York
Thief of Hearts 1984 Drama Stewart Bauer, Williams
Thieves' Highway 1949 Film Noir Dassin Conte, Cortesa, Cobb
This Gun for Hire 1942 Film Noir Tuttle Ladd, Lake
This Property Is Condemned 1966 Drama Pollack Wood, Redford
This Thing Called Love 1941 Drama Hall Russell, Douglas
Threat 1949 Film Noir Feist O'Shea, Gray
Three Musketeers 1974 Adventure Lester York, Reed, Chamberlin
Three Women 1977 Drama Altman Spacek, Duvall, Rule
Time After Time 1979 Adventure Meyer McDowell, Warner
To Be or Not To Be 1983 Comedy Johnson Brooks, Bancroft
To Catch a Thief 1955 Suspense Hitchcock Grant, Kelly
To Have and Have Not 1945 Adventure Hawks Bogart, Bacall, Brennan
To Kill a Mockingbird 1963 Drama Mulligan Peck, Duvall, Badham
Tom Jones 1963 Comedy Richardson Finney, York, Griffith
Too Late for Tears 1949 Film Noir Haskin Scott, Defoe
Tootsie 1982 Comedy Pollack Hoffman, Lange
Top Hat 1935 Musical Sandrich Astaire, Rogers
Topaz 1969 Suspense Hitchcock Stafford, Forsythe
Topkapi 1964 Suspense Dassin Mercouri, Schell, Ustinov
Topper 1937 Comedy McLeod Grant, Bennett
Touch of Evil 1958 Drama Welles Heston, Leigh, Welles
Train Robbers 1973 Western Kennedy Wayne, Ann-Margret, Taylor
Trapeze 1956 Drama Reed Lancaster, Curtis, Lollobrigida
Traveling Executioner 1970 Comedy Smight Keach, Hill, Cort
Travels with My Aunt 1972 Comedy Cukor Smith, McCowen, Gossett
Treasure of Pancho Villa 1955 Drama Sherman Calhoun, Winters
Treasure of Sierre Madre 1948 Drama Huston Bogart, Huston, Holt
Trouble with Harry 1955 Comedy Hitchcock Gwenn, Natwick, Maclaine
True Grit 1969 Western Hathaway Wayne, Darby, Campbell
Turning Point 1977 Drama Ross Bancroft, Maclaine, Baryshnikov
Twilight Zone: the Movie 1983 Horror Spielberg, Dante, Landis, Miller Aykroyd, Morrow
Two-Faced Woman 1941 Comedy Cukor Garbo, Douglas
Two for the Road 1967 Drama Donen Finney, Hepburn
Two Mrs. Carrolls 1947 Suspense Godfrey Bogart, Stanwyck
Two of a Kind 1983 Comedy Herzfeld Travolta, Newton-John
Two Thousand One: A Space Odyssey 1968 Sci-Fi Kubrick Lockwood, Dullea
Two Thousand Ten 1984 Sci-Fi Hyams Scheider, Lithgow, Mirren
Under Capricorn 1949 Suspense Hitchcock Bergman, Cotton
Unmarried Woman 1978 Drama Mazursky Clayburgh, Bates
V.I.P.'s 1963 Drama Asquith Burton, Taylor, Rutherford, Taylor, Smith
Vacas 1991 Foreign Medem Gomez, Suarez
Valentino 1977 Drama Russell Nureyev, Caron
Valley of the Kings 1954 Adventure Pirosh Taylor, Parker
Vertigo 1958 Suspense Hitchcock Stewart, Novak, Bel Geddes
Victor/Victoria 1982 Comedy Edwards Andrews, Garner, Preston
Viva Zapata 1952 Drama Kazan Brando, Peters
Wait Until Dark 1967 Suspense Young Hepburn, Arkin, Crenna
Wake of the Red Witch 1948 Action Ludwig Wayne
Walk on the Wild Side 1962 Drama Dmytryk Fonda, Capucine, Stanwyck
Walkabout 1971 Drama Roeg Agutter, John
War and Peace 1956 Drama Vidor, Soldati Hepburn, Fonda, Ferrer
Watership Down 1978 Family Rosen Animated
Weekend in Havana 1941 Musical Lang Faye, Payne, Miranda
Welcome to L.A. 1976 Drama Rudolph Carradine, Kellerman
West Side Story 1961 Musical Wise, Robbins Wood, Beymer, Moreno, Chakiris, Tamblyn
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962 Suspense Aldrich Davis, Crawford
Where the Sidewalk Ends 1950 Film Noir Preminger Andrews, Tierney
Where's Poppa? 1970 Comedy Reiner Segal, Gordon
White Christmas 1954 Musical Curtiz Crosby, Kaye, Clooney
White Heat 1949 Drama Walsh Cagney, Mayo
Who'll Stop the Rain? 1978 Drama Reisz Nolte, Weld, Moriarty
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? 1966 Drama Nichols Burton, Taylor
Wind and the Lion 1975 Adventure Milius Connery, Bergen
Without a Trace 1983 Drama Jaffe Nelligan, Hirsch
Wizard of Oz 1939 Musical Fleming Garland, Bolger, Haley, Lahr, Hamilton
Woman of the Year 1942 Comedy Stevens Tracy, Hepburn
Woman on the Run 1950 Film Noir Foster Sheridan, O'Keefe
Women 1939 Comedy Cukor Shearer, Crawford, Russell
Women in Love 1970 Drama Russell Jackson, Bates, Reed
World According to Garp 1982 Drama Hill Williams, Hurt, Close, Lithgow
Written on the Wind 1956 Drama Sirk Bacall, Stack, Malone, Hudson
Wrong Man 1957 Suspense Hitchcock Fonda, Miles
Wuthering Heights 1939 Drama Wyler Olivier, Oberon, Niven
Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942 Musical Curtiz Cagney, Huston
Yanks 1979 Drama Schlesinger Redgrave, Gere
Year of Living Dangerously 1983 Drama Weir Gibson, Weaver, Hunt
Yentl 1983 Musical Streisand Streisand, Patinkin, Irving
You Were Never Lovelier 1942 Musical Sieter Astaire, Hayworth
Young Winston 1972 Drama Attenborough Ward, Shaw, Bancroft
Z 1968 Foreign Costa-Gavras Trintignant, Perrin
Zelig 1983 Comedy Allen Allen, Farrow
Zorba the Greek 1965 Drama Cacoyannis Quinn, Bates, Kedrova