Vintage film posters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, though the standard U.S. “one sheet” is 27" x 41". That has been true almost from the inception of the motion picture business through the present day. At the height of the studio era, posters for a single movie were often produced in a whole series of different sizes including “six sheets” (oversize posters six times one-sheet size), “three sheets” (vertical posters three times one-sheet size), “half sheets” (22" x 28"), “inserts” (14" x 41"), and “window cards (14" x 22")—all usually with related but different designs. Little beyond one-sheet sized posters are produced anymore, though you do see oversized banners for theater display and promotional mini’s are used as give-aways.

Foreign film posters typically have their own distinctive sizes and design characteristics. Among the most sought-after by collectors are Polish posters with their playful, often surreal stylistic; the small, colorful Belgian posters; and large-size French and Italian posters with their dramatic, painterly images.

The art of the film poster declined along with the Hollywood studio system and was further denigrated by an increasing reliance on photography, starting in the 1960s. The most striking film posters, U.S. and foreign, are valued today not only as iconic totems of movie magic, but for the genuine artistry that went into creating them. Their value has soared in recent years from hundreds to thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on their rarity, visual distinction, and condition.

The Teegarden/Nash Collection contains nearly 4,000 movie posters from all over the world, both vintage and contemporary. A list of titles for is included here with vintage, size, and country of origin indicated.

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